Conversational API for E-commerce & Discovery2Delivery

From checkout to after sales support, guide your customers through the buying process across channels through delightful conversations

APIs for eCommerce

Automate the complete buying process with Conversational Commerce Solutions

Improve product discovery with personalized recommendations and offers

Create friction-less shopping journeys with WhatsApp Commerce

Provide 24x7 shopper support and up-sell, cross-sell effectively

Trusted by leading brands


Pre-built Conversational AI Solutions For D2C & eCommerce

  • Personalized Deals

    Customize deals based on past purchases, preferences, shopping behaviour, and demographics.

  • Product Discovery

    Understand your customers’ requirements and suggest relevant products

Messaging Solutions for D2C & eCommerce

  • Single-API for 30+ Messaging Channels

    Single-API for 30+ Messaging Channels

    Interact and transact with your customers seamlessly across 30+ messaging channels using Gupshup’s Single API for Messaging

  • Payment Solutions via Messaging

    Payment Solutions via Messaging

    With 1-click Bill Pay, offer your customers easy payment options via payment messages

  • Advanced APIs for Automating Micro-journeys

    Advanced APIs for Automating Micro-journeys

    With Advanced APIs, we give you pre-built, customizable sequences that you can plug-in and use and accelerate the automation of key business workflows

  • Secure Messaging

    Secure Messaging

    Protect sensitive customer information like transaction value, account balance with captcha, disappearing text, 3-factor authentication and other security measures
    ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant company that supports SSL Encryption technique TLS 1.2 256 bit AES.

Interact and transact with your customers across 30+messaging channels

  • SMS


    Deliver text messages to 225 countries through a cost-effective and programmable single API

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  • WhatsApp


    Engage with customers on the most used messaging app in the world using our Single programmable messaging API and give them a conversational experience.

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  • RCS


    Google RCS, an upgrade to SMS, offers enhanced messaging features with rich media, branding, read receipts, and suggested replies on user’s native messaging app.

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  • GBM


    A mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences.

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  • Gupshup Messaging

    Gupshup Messaging

    Advanced messaging channel works on top of SMS, Website and native mobile apps developed by Gupshup to offer rich formats and great flexibility in developing conversational experiences.

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Benefits to D2C and e-Commerce Companies

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate with your existing enterprise suites and IT infrastructure to give a holistic experience to users

  • 24x7 Availability

    Provide 24x7 business operations, even during lockdowns and holidays

  • Automated Workflows

    Convert digital workflows on website/app such as account creation to conversational workflows

  • Higher Conversion Rate

    Conversations build trust and have higher conversion compared to website/app based checkout workflows

  • Convenience

    Empower your customer with a convenient shopping experience on a message-based interface

  • Be Omni-channel

    Consistent experience across 30+ messaging channels and do not miss out channel specific audiences