On-premise Software for Conversational Messaging for Enterprises

Seamlessly connect internal teams with external vendors across 30+ messaging channels


Genie provides a flexible, open-architecture middleware that enables enterprises to connect their internal teams to multiple vendors across messaging channels, and centrally manage messaging costs and performance


  • Centralised platform

    Centralised platform

    It unifies fragmented messaging applications in the organisation. Scalable architecture that scales up or down based on the requirement

  • Multi-vendor integration

    Multi-vendor integration

    Users can add and configure vendor profiles to map speeds and priorities for different divisions or applications

  • Omni-channel communication

    Omni-channel communication

    Across SMS, WhatsApp, Google Business Message, Telegram, Email, Voice, Mobile app, Twitter, etc., as supported by integrated vendors. 30+ channels

  • Intelligent routing & failover mechanism

    Intelligent routing & failover mechanism

    Users define a routing strategy such as equal volume, percentage traffic, cost, TPS, latency, etc. and a failover mechanism across vendors

  • Analytics insights

    Analytics insights

    Offers comprehensive summary and detailed reports for messaging usage, traffic, cost, etc. with deep analysis to improve messaging performance

  • Secure data Ingress and Egress

    Secure data Ingress and Egress

    By controlling encryption and storage standards using custom controls


  • Improve enterprise communication between internal teams and vendors

  • Deliver an Omni-channel experience to vendors across 30+ messaging channels

  • Save costs by saving on subscriptions paid to multiple messaging platforms

  • Secure endpoints on custom hardware infrastructure enforced by own security policies

  • One platform for all messaging applications in your enterprise

  • Flexible middleware to connect your internal teams with external vendors