Enable interactive mobile experiences for customers with RCS Messaging API

Upgrade SMS with branding, trust marks, rich media, and enhanced interactivity

rcs messaging API

Offer seamless two-way communication in a rich, conversational environment

Gupshup has technical integrations and commercial relationships with other RCS platforms

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RCS Features and Capabilities

  • Rich Media

    Rich Media

    Send rich-media features such as QR code, image, video, audio, location, etc. combined with contextual intelligent follow-ups to enable businesses to communicate effectively

  • Branding


    RCS provides options to enhance branding through logos and icons that appear alongside each message

  • Carousels


    Enhances customer experience by providing a rich media carousel that enables customers to browse

  • Quick Replies

    Quick Replies

    Enables interactive communication by providing quick replies through actionable buttons at the end of the message

  • Suggested Actions

    Suggested Actions

    Empower users to take actions such as opening a URL, clicking on payment link, viewing or sharing a location, or make a call by simply clicking on a button

  • Verified Trust

    Verified Trust

    Provides a checkmark against the brand name offering trust and assurance to customers

Reimagine the way you connect with your customers

All the areas of enterprise-consumer engagement are covered

  • Transaction


    • Make your transactions fast and seamless across various industries
    • Provide login or password help
    • Facilitate onsite conversion
    • Show order status
  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    • Help customers instantly
    • Customer Concierge: Billing and account services
    • Recharge Assistant: Phones, Plans, and Offers
    • Troubleshooting advisor: Customer support and self-service
  • Marketing


    • Market your brand seamlessly
    • Increase engagement
    • Enhance brand love
    • Provide new ways for users to interact with your brand
  • Chatbots


    • Scale sales and support
    • Reduce customer support costs
    • Filter and direct queries
    • Higher CSAT scores

Engage with RCS on all devices with Gupshup’s Universal RCS Solution.

Ensure 100% reach by offering an RCS-like experience even on non-RCS-enabled devices such as iPhone or feature phones.


Unique Gupshup offerings to seed RCS Usage

  • RichOTP ®

    RichOTP ®

    Send one-time passwords (OTPs) to customers in the most secure manner with one-touch authentication

  • RichSMS ™

    RichSMS ™

    Upgrade any SMS into RCS with a brand logo and verification checkmark

  • Rich Promotions

    Rich Promotions

    Enrich the promotional messages with brand verification uptick for improved click-through and response rates for brands, leading to better ROI

  • Rich Notifications

    Rich Notifications

    Enrich customer notifications with branding and action buttons for improved customer engagement and brand loyalty

  • Rich Coupons

    Rich Coupons

    Share coupons with images and carousels, to boost the overall user experience and usage rates

  • Rich Surveys

    Rich Surveys

    Design and implement surveys with two-way messaging, rich cards, suggested messages, and carousels to improve participation rates

RCS Business Benefits

Engage customers through seamless automation and start building solutions with our Messaging API

  • Global reach with enterprise reliability

    Help enterprises engage with customers worldwide with direct carrier connections.

  • One platform, multiple channels

    A Single API to access every communication channel your customers use

  • World-class support and Regulatory Compliance

    24/7 support for you and your team built for international laws and regulations.